Keeping Water out of the Basement

Last night’s unprecedented rainfall resulted in flooding many homes across Long Island. As we continue to see evolving weather patterns, water management is increasingly important. Here are steps you can take to keep water out of the basement.


  • Clean your gutters 1-2x/year
  • Ensure that gutters run away from the house into a safe area (not your neighbor’s yard)
  • Caulk windows and check caulking annually
  • Install and maintain the window well(s). Add some loose gravel to the bottom
  • Consider installing a french drain
  • Look for noticeable trails where water ran through the yard and ask a landscaper about regrading the lawn.


  • Caulk all windows and doors
  • Close storm windows when it’s raining
  • Seal basement walls
  • Consider installing an indoor french drain, sump pump, or both, in your basement

Some basements are more susceptible to water after storms. To make clean up easier, consider replacing your carpet with tile or sealed concrete, and keep storage off of the floor on elevated shelving.  Having  a dehumidifier, fan and shop vac on hand will come in handy when it is time to clean up as it is extremely important to dry out wet areas entirely. As with any leak, it is important that the underlying issue is addressed as quickly as possible.

Following these steps will help home owners keep water out of the basement. When in doubt, hiring a professional to assess and/or maintain your basement and yard will help ensure that your basement remains dry when it’s wet outside. And, don’t forget that a new season is quickly approaching – follow this Fall Checklist so your house is ready!