Fall Home Owner Checklist

In just a week, kids will be back at school, the leaves will change, and days and nights will be cooler. Now is a good time to schedule home maintenance so your home is ready once temperatures drop:

Get your chimney cleaned

Even if you don’t use your fireplace, a clean chimney is important for your heating system and your safety. In just a couple of hours, a chimney sweeps will inspect your chimney, remove any debris, soot, and tar, and advise of any necessary repairs. Chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year. If you make use of your fireplace often, then multiple cleanings are necessary to avoid carbon monoxide issues.

Tune up your furnace

You may not need heat until October, but getting your furnace tuned up will help ensure that you’ll have heat when you need it.

Check for drafts

While the weather is still mild, check for drafts around doors and windows and consider if weather stripping is necessary, or if it is time to update your doors and windows.

Seed and fertilize the lawn

The key to a lush lawn in the spring is seeding and fertilizing at the start of cooler temperatures. Local garden centers can help, either by educating you about the right products for your lawn, or providing seeding and fertilizing services.


Mulch helps protect trees, shrubs and plants from extreme temperatures and can be applied in the fall or the spring.

Clean the gutters

After leaves have dropped, remove debris from the gutters so that water can be diverted from your house when it rains or after snowfall.

Plant some mums

Get into the spirit of the season and plant some seasonal mums or ornamental cabbages for a fun fall look for your home.

Taking a few hours at the start of the season will ensure that your home is ready for cooler climates.